Monday, February 18, 2008

Meditation on Tao te ching (Ichiban)

In innocence we see the beginning.
Thru error we see the end.
Two different names for one and the same.
The second we call dark, the dark beyond dark.
The first we call light, the door to all beginnings.

A point of the Tao if it has one is that the door was always there. It has never changed or been locked. We call the dark, dark and light, light as though by naming these we give them meaning they did not already possess. The way has always been there but it is not a name or a place or a direction. It is a verb expressing the manner in which we see and act in the world and beyond it. In Christianity the interaction of faith and grace (both verbs) are names for the way and through them the door to all beginnings.

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