Saturday, November 21, 2009

Brown Bear

Brown bear by her nature cannot live together with man the predator. She is big, huge really, and covered with thick fur which protects her from the cold and snow and renders her mostly invulnerable to man unless he uses his most predatory tools like guns or arrows. These can strike silently and from a distance beyond which brown bear can defend.

God equipped her with large paws with long claws and sharp teeth. She did not choose this. It is the result of evolution which was part of God's plan. It is not her fault.

Brown bear loves to eat many kinds of plants, but she is big, huge really, and must therefore eat a certain amount of meat. She prefers to scavenge and eat carcass dead a while which gives it a stronger odor which she likes and also makes it easier to find. Occasionally she may kill a larger animal such as a deer but not often as they are much faster than she. During the salmon runs brown bear loves to play in the streams and feast on the fatty fish. Brown bear really doesn't care for the man taste. The flesh tastes a bit like dog and the idea of eating the flesh of so evil an animal is a bit revolting.

Man comes long distances from his stinking noisy cities to hunt brown bear. He doesn't really hunt for food as he has plenty of that. He just likes to kill brown bear because she is big, huge really, and very beautiful. It really is no challenge to kill brown bear. Man simply approaches from downwind, a great distance, very quietly so she cannot see hear or smell him. Then man fires a gun.

This is very frustrating for brown bear. She has no way to protect herself or her cubs. They just fall to the ground and then there is a loud bang. She gets so angry that if one of those man hunters ever gets close to her she will kill it.